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Coley can't run this term

September 5, 2007

Albany-  The candidates for Albany Mayor have been narrowed to two. The Board of Elections met Wednesday and decided candidate Tim Coley is not eligible to run for mayor.

On Coley's candidate application he says he's lived in Dougherty County for five years, and in Albany for a year and a half.

To qualify for a commissioners seat, which the Mayor technically is, the city charter says you must be a city resident for two years prior to qualifying.

"We talked with Mr. Coley and he understands that's what the charter says and that one has to live in the city limits for two years immediately prior to qualifying and so he was very, very nice about it and says he'll be back later," said Carolyn Hatcher, Board of Registration and Elections Supervisor.

The last time this happened to a candidate was back in 2004 when Jack Camp attempted to qualify for coroner.



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