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ASA seems to be flying high in Albany

September 5, 2007

Albany -- Atlantic Southeast Airlines came in dead last in July among the nation's 20 air carriers for on time arrival rates.   ASA also had the industry's worst rate for baggage complaints.   ASA is the sole commercial carrier at the Albany airport, and customers we talked to today report few problems.  

This summer has been one of the worst ever for airline travelers, planes were filled to capacity and in July, nationwide only 69 percent of the flights arrived on time. At Albany's airport that rate was 77 percent, and customers seem satisfied.

"I'm very pleased with it, yes, usually I'm on time," said Vivian Cavanaugh of Rhode Island.

ASA, Albany's sole commercial carrier, did poorly nationwide with a 54.2 percent on time arrival rate. Over the last year in Albany, October 2006 had the worst delays with 14 percent of the flights facing at least an hour delay, but in May every fight was nearly on time.

"I'm very fortunate that we didn't have any layovers and you know it was okay," said Angela Robinson of Albany.

ASA only cancels fights for four reasons, Air Traffic Control, Mechanical, Crew, and Weather. In Albany this year, they've had no cancellations for air traffic control, four mechanical cancellations, three crew cancellations and 10 weather cancellations. For every one thousand passengers who flew ASA 15 had luggage complaints. In Albany, those who had complaints say they were resolved.

"We had to come back for our luggage and then when they damaged luggage they automatically sent us a check. It was really nice, good customer service here in Albany," said Robinson.

Flight performance to and from Albany in the last year has been solid. The worst last September and October when only 95 percent of flight's were completed, but the airline had a perfect record in Albany in May and at least in Albany passengers are happy.

"I'm satisfied," said Cavanaugh.

And satisfied customers is the best that any airline can hope for.

In Atlanta, Delta took over ASA's ground operations in June to improve service. But during June and July, ASA's on-time rate was worse than it was for the same time last year.


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