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House comes crashes down in East Albany

September 5, 2007

Albany - The city of Albany continues to wipe eyesores off the landscape in neighborhoods like yours. Nine homes are currently waiting to be demolished and one was leveled this morning.

For years, Carol Long has been wanting this old, abandoned house on Frost Street torn down. Today, in a matter of seconds, that wish came true. "I think it's great," she said.

In 2000, fire gutted the house. The homeowner started repairs, then quit. It's been abandoned since, creating the perfect spot for criminals and curious kids. "You don't know who could be there," said Long.

And because the city of Albany is sick of structures like this serving as havens for crime, they've decided to tear them down. "They're havens for drug activity, gang activity and it makes the neighbors feel really unsafe to have places like this," said Public Works Director Phil Roberson.

And that's why many more like it, will be crashing down soon in a neighborhood near you. "We have hundreds more we ware going to go after and make sure these houses are torn down," said Ward 1 Commissioner Jon Howard.

And Long says that's fine with her.  He said, "They need to come down." To set a new landscape for Albany.

Before the home was demolished, light fixtures and doors were donated to Habitat for Humanity.



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