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Hi-tech tools help students make the grade

September 4, 2007

Thomasville--  Freshman Jaocob O'Hern is like most students.  "I don't really like getting up in front of class that much," he says. The new activslate technology in Thomas County Central classrooms makes working a problem for the class a lot less stressful.   O'Hern says he enjoys, "Sitting in my seat, being able to work it from there."

Teachers can write an equation on the slate, and hand it off to a student to solve, while the screen is projected for the entire class to see.  "That keeps the student from having to get up in front of the class and it also cuts down on distractions that happen when you transition from one activity to another," explains Assistant Principal Dr. Laine Reichert.

 Its just one tool the school is equipping their science classrooms with thanks to $96,000 21st Century Technology Grant.  "Science is a critical area as far as standardized testing is concerned. We want our students to have every tool at their disposal that could possibly make this testing a less stressful situation for them," says Reichert.

Another new gadget students will get to try out is a personal response system. The handheld device allows each student to answer quiz questions with the click of a button, and teachers immediately see their answers.  Reichert says, "It allows them to get immediate feedback as to what students understand and what they don't understand." 

"Kids can learn with hands-on, then the teacher can tell them if it was wrong or right without having to go to their desk or anything," adds O'Hern.   And that makes getting help in weaker areas not only less painful, but a lot more efficient too. 

 The eight science classrooms will also be wired with amplified sound, and each teacher is getting a Dell laptop that works as a hub for the new technology. There will also be 25 student laptops that will be mobile so each classroom can use them.


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