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Occupational tax to replace business license

September 4, 2007

Albany - The complicated and confusing business licensing process in Albany is about to get easier. Commissioners are considering approving an occupational tax that will take the place of business licenses.

The tax will be based on Gross receipts of the business, along with profitability. Some businesses, though not all, will pay a higher fee, $150 on average. The goal of the change isn't to raise money for the city, but to make sure people who open businesses are complying with city laws.

Interim Finance Director Kris Newton said, "The increase will come from compliance more than an increase in the rates people will pay. We don't expect a significant increase in what each individual business will pay out, but compliance will raise what comes into the city as revenue."

The minimum tax on a business will be $150. This is the first review of business licensing in Albany in 12 years.

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