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Albany man rescues woman from a pitt bull

September 3, 2007

Albany -- Willie Coleman was on his way back home from dropping his wife off at work early Monday morning. That is when he came across an unusual scene.

"I noticed this woman on the ground and I thought who would be out playing with their dog at this time of day. Then as I got closer I heard the woman scream 'please, please get this dog off me,'" said Coleman.

That's when Coleman jumped into action. "I realized what was going on and I let my window down. I told her just go around this way, and I'll distract the dog. When I pull around just jump in the car," said Coleman.

Coleman's plan worked and the woman was able to escape. She was not bitten, but hurt her hip fighting the pitt bull.

A worker at the bus station saw the trouble and called police. "I woke up because one of my friends woke me up and said the police were outside. The dog had ran in the house," said dog owner, Bernard Newman. "When I walked outside there were probably at least 10 squad cars right here in front of the house."

The pitt bull's owner was surprised because he said his dog has never hurt anyone. "He has never bitten anybody. He is very playful. Actually he is very human oriented. He has been around a lot of people," said Newman. 

And he believes that it was all a misunderstanding. "He probably just really scared her when he jumped on her. He has never been broken out of that," said Newman.

Regardless Eric Ramsey is happy his mother was not seriously injured. "I'm really gratefull for what Willie did and I am just happy that she is home," said Ramsey.

"I am just glad that this happened during a holiday, because the kids would have been out that time of morning for school. And one of them could have been attacked," said Coleman. A situation no one would have wanted to see happen.

The pitt bull is being held by Animal Control. He will be released back to the owner since the woman was not bitten, if the dog tests negative for rabies.

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