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Human Skull discovered in back yard

September 3, 2007

Albany - Human remains were found in Bainbridge early Monday morning. A man doing yard work stumbled upon a skull. Investigators are treating the case as a homicide, and say it may only be a case of teenage mischief.  

Karen Crabb bought a house on Louise Street in Bainbridge January. "First time I've found anything like this cleaning up the yard," she said.  Crabb plans to rent the house out. That's why she had someone doing yard work here around 8 Monday morning when he discovered a human skull in her backyard.  She said, "it's creepy."

At first, Crabb thought it was a fake, perhaps a Halloween prank, since the ghouly holiday is around the corner. But soon realized this skull belonged to someone, so she called police. "Right now all we know is we have found skeletal remains and at this time it's under investigation," said Investigator Alton Brock.

But they don't really believe there's a murder mystery to solve here. Other than the skull, no additional remains were found. A dog could have brought the skull to the backyard and buried it here, or perhaps teens playing in a cemetery were the culprits. Investigator Brock said, "That is kind of what we're lead to believe at this time."

But investigators do want to know how these remains ended up here and are working hard to find that out. "We just want to know who it is and how it got here."

Police say anyone with information about the remains should contact Bainbridge Public Safety. That number is 248-2038.