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Willacoochee woman receives fake check

September 3, 2007

Willacoochee - When Deborah Mosher received a letter saying she won 250 thousand dollars, only one thought ran through her mind.  "I said this isn't real.  There's no way this is real.  It's to good to be true."

With it came a check for a little over three thousand dollars to pay necessary insurance fees.  "I really though it was a real check," she says.

So she called the sweepstakes but grew suspicious when they began asking her for her personal bank information.  "I said no, I'm not giving you my checking account number.  Then he says, I want to know the savings account."

Still cautious, Mosher looked up the bank on the Internet.  After seeing it was legit, she called.  That's when things started looking up.  "My heart went to beating real fast because the routing number was the same, the checking account was a good checking account."

But the name on the check, Global One Partnership was not.  The check was a fake. 

Had Mosher cashed it, she would have owed that bank over three thousand dollars.  Money, she says, she doesn't have.  "If I had of cashed it, I don't know where it would have come from cause I'd have spend it on bills."

She hopes her story will help others be cautious.  Some tips, always do your research.  In this case both the name on the check and the sweepstakes company didn't exist.  And when its googled, warnings pop up.  Always call the bank first.  Never give your bank account information out over the phone.  And if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.