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DCP work to keep you safe this holiday weekend

September 1, 2007

Dougherty County -- Before you hit the road this holiday weekend, know that you will be watched. "We are looking for speeding violations. We look for reckless drivers. We look for impatient drivers going faster than the flow of traffic," said Dougherty County Police, Sgt. Lee Reynolds.

Dougherty County Police will be doing their part to keep you safe. "We are in full force out on the road. The HEAT units will also be on the road looking out for the violators," said Reynolds.

With more traffic on the road this weekend, officers will be on the prowl. "This is a break in their work week and they are looking for ways to escape. That puts more traffic on the road ways; more traffic more accidents," said Reynolds.

But there are things you can do to keep from becoming one of them. "Slow down and put more space between you and the person in in front of you. That allows you more stopping time if you have to stop," said Reynolds.

Timing can make the difference between you and a speeding ticket. "Try to time it so you don't have to speed and drive the speed limits," said Reynolds.

And of course don't drink and drive. There is nothing wrong with a weekend get away as long as you are responsible.

None of those fatalities so far have occurred in South Georgia. The Georgia State Patrol is predicting 18 deaths for the holiday travel period.

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