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The wait for football is over

August 31, 2007

Lee County -- Nearly 60 high school teams will take the field as the 2007 season begins, and students did their best to get their teams fired up for Friday night's game.

Lee County students, painted their faces, clapped, and stomped as the Trojans prepare to do battle with the Westover Patriots. A

t Albany High the pep squad hung banners urging their team towards victory and school spirit was on every shirt. "A lot of people have the Albany High T-shirts on," said Tabitha.

"It's like, I know we're going to win, we got to win, we can do it," Randi said. 

Cheerleaders readied their routines and plan to keep crowds on their feet. "We have a wonderful band this year so we're going to do a whole bunch of dances, loud cheers of course, sometimes we do cheers for the football team to get them pumped up then we go through the crowd too to get them school spirited," Vanessa said. 

Last season's let downs are history and everyone starts fresh with a winning record, players say the support helps. "It's always good to have somebody behind you giving you that extra bit of confidence going into the game," says Quinten.

Weather could be the fiercest competitor and hurt home teams who rely on ticket sales to help fund their athletic programs but coaches have confidence in fans.

"It definitely can put a damper on what we're trying to do and accomplish tonight however the true fans as I call it, they'll come out to support the guys one way or the other, as far as the team's concerned if it rains we'll just go by the old motto three yards and a cloud of dust," says Mitchell.

While each team hopes to deliver a win, fans say win or lose their behind them 100 percent.

For all the scores, tune in the Locker Room at 11:15 Friday nights on WALB.



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