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Radium Springs isn't springing anymore

August 31, 2007

Radium Springs -- One of South Georgia's best known natural wonders, and favorite swimming destinations for decades, the Radium Springs blue hole, is once again green this summer. 

Two years of extreme drought has left the usually beautiful spring a very sad sight. Dead fish float in the algae topped standing water, that once thrived with stripped bass and other wildlife. 

"These aren't conditions striped bass would survive in, that's for sure.  Much too warm, oxygen starved, as the water just stagnates here," said DNR Fisheries Biologist Adam Kaeser.

The spring run that should have several feet of water rushing back to the river is dry.  The water at the blue hole is only inches deep.

The Department of Natural Resources now owns Radium Springs, and like all Georgians are disappointed by the drought's effects.
"You hate to see it in a state that wouldn't strike natural wonder in anyone," Kaeser said.

DNR divers charted maps of the underground caverns that lead off from the Springs.  The caves go from the blue hole back under Radium Springs road, and lead about a quarter mile east of the Spring. It gives the biologists an idea just how Radium Springs works, but they admit they still have lots to learn here.

The DNR has plans one day to make Radium Springs a recreation area, so people can enjoy it's natural beauty, and they are sure that this drought will end and the Springs will be flowing again.

 "Hopefully this will be the last summer of drought, and we can get this thing flowing again," Kaeser said.

But for now, once again one of South Georgia's most beautiful springs is not flowing, and waits to be refilled with water.

For now, the spring sight is hidden behind fences, out of sight of everyone.

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