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Fullerton stays out of race for racial harmony?

 August 31, 2007

Albany --  A former Ward 4 city commissioner who considered running for mayor of Albany says she won't run--- because trying to unseat the city's first black mayor could be racially-divisive.  

From her front lawn, Carol Fullerton announced that she will not challenge Mayor Willie Adams.

She said she was honored that so many friends urged her to enter the race, but she does not want to be responsible for any racial divide that might come from the campaign.  

"I don't think we need to be involved in anything that's divisive racially. I've talked to a lot of people in Albany in the last couple of weeks, 600 or 700 people and I don't want my friends who are black or white to have to stand up with me shoulder to shoulder in a race that's decisive like that," said Fullerton.  

Fullerton said she hopes the race will be run on the issues and leadership styles.

City Commissioner Bo Dorough is running against Mayor Adams. Fullerton said she would not endorse either candidate.

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