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Anchoring furniture in place will keep your child safe

August 30, 2007

Lee County -- Stacy Hamsley has her hands full taking care of both of her girls: four-year old Reese and one-year-old Ella. "You can't take your eyes of off them. You have to stay with them all the time. They can get into something in just a matter of seconds," said Hamsley.

And with Ella, this is especially true. She started walking three months ago and has already moved on to more dangerous activities. "Ella, she climbs on things. You just have to watch her and make sure that she doesn't get on top of something," said Hamsley.

It only takes a second for a toddler exploring their world at new heights to become part of a potential tragedy. "We've had our basic bumps and bruises because of climbing on things of course. You go to grab them and they fall at that moment, but nothing major, we have been very fortunate," said Hamsley.

But there are things parents can do to keep their furniture from toppling over. "They do have anchoring kits that anchor your furniture and that would help," said Hamsley.

You can keep your furniture in place with a few key pieces from a hardware store that would cost no more than six dollars. "I strongly recommend it. I recommend it for all of my grand kids," said Lowes Hardware Team Lead, John Barren.

Just attach two brackets to the back of your furniture. Screw an anchor onto your wall. "Then you take your wire and loop it onto your furniture one end to another which would hook on to the wall," said Barren.

And though you can't anchor your television set you can make sure your TV stand is big enough to support and hold it steady. You can also push your TV as far back on the stand as possible.

But nothing you do is 100 percent safe. "As far as the little boy who had the accident, it just proves that you can't take your eyes off of them for a second," said Hamsley. 

Anchoring a piece furniture to your wall only requires you have a drill or screw driver. The process itself will take you twenty minutes at the most which is time well spent to help keep your child safe.


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