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Lee County man leads property tax relief movement

August 30, 2007

Lee County -- A Lee County man says he was surprised to learn that homeowners in many other Georgia counties pay much lower property taxes. He's now is leading a call for property tax relief in Lee and Dougherty Counties.

Before he retired, Bob Rehberg spent 34-years performing audits for congressional agencies and the Marine Base. He spent weeks researching property tax laws in Georgia,  and he says that 99 counties have local exemptions that Lee and Dougherty County don't.

Rehberg says 31-counties have homestead valuation freeze exemptions, that protect long time property owners from being taxed out of their homes by re-evaluations, but Lee and Dougherty do not.

He says most people don't even know how much property tax they pay. Rehberg said "No. They pay the bill. They file it. They complain about it, and that's it. But the property tax bills can be influenced. It's been done all over the state. We just haven't tried it here."

 Rehberg wants Lee and Dougherty County property owners to demand more local tax exemptions from their county commissioners.

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