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The flavor of New Orleans in Valdosta

Brian Antoine,  Devon's dad Brian Antoine, Devon's dad

August 30, 2007

Valdosta - The Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina brings up painful memories for the Antoine family.  "You see on TV the destruction and stuff in New Orleans, and its kind of hard, so I just turn the channel," says Devon Antoine, a junior at Valdosta State University.

Because they felt the wrath of Katrina first hand.  "We had about $30,000 worth of damage,"says Brian Antoine.  "It was just so depressing.  A lot of our friends lost all of their homes.  Totally lost their homes and are living in other parts of the country now."

They also packed up, moved to South Georgia.  "We decided to rebuild, sell our home and leave and come to Valdosta," Brain says.

But you can't take the Creole out of the Antoine family.

They are opening up a Cajun restaurant in downtown Valdosta and are hoping to share the flavor of New Orleans with the community.  "We can expect gumbo, there's going to be crawfish, jambalaya, shrimp Creole."

"My dad is a genius behind the grill," Devon exclaims.  "I think everybody here will love the food and get the experience of New Orleans."

If the food doesn't give you the experience, maybe the décor will.  The restaurants clad with the city's famous wrought iron, fleur de lees, and windows salvaged from homes.

The Flavor of New Orleans is located at 205 North Ashley Street, and hopes to bring the big easy experience to Valdosta by the end of September.



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