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Feeding the Children

August 30, 2007

Albany - Hundreds of families were given essential food and personal supply products this morning. It was a joint effort between Feed the Children, Americall and First Apostolic Church of Albany.

Imagine having five children, all hungry, all in need of a hot meal at home. "It's just a helpful thing and I enjoy it," said Patricia Cowart.  She says it's hard putting food on the table to feed that many mouths.

"I came over here because my children need to eat and I love my kids very much." And Patricia wasn't alone.

Hundreds of people showed up at the First Apostolic Church in Albany, to get a helping hand. "It's just good that we can give something back right here at home and bless somebody in that way," said Shyquandria Thornton.

When the trailer first arrived Thursday morning, it was packed full of pallets. Now, about half of those are gone and even more are on their way out. In the boxes, personal hygiene items, and food.

How many meals can make it out of this? "I would say approximately at least 10 per box," said Vicki Anderson. And for some of these families, that's a struggle to find that much food. "It is." So how does it make you feel to know that these folks are going to go home with enough food that they can make meals for their families for a couple of days? "It makes me feel really good to give something back to the community," Anderson said. "That's what we're here for, just to make sure the people in our community are served."

"The scripture says God will provide for us, and this is what happened here today," said Pastor Betty Jackson. As was certainly the case for Patricia. She said, "He took care of me today." And will take care of that hot meal for her children, tonight.

In all, 400 boxes of food and 400 boxes of personal items were given away.

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