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Lott points chief in a new direction

August 29, 2007

Albany --    The city manager has intervened in an apparent rift between the police chief and the district attorney. Alfred Lott has ordered Police Chief James Younger to cooperate and communicate better with the DA's office.

Lott wrote a memo instructing Younger to meet with Hodges before September 7th.  

The memo also orders Younger to give security pass cards to DA employees so they can get inside the police station.

And he calls on Hodges and Lott to set an example for others about cooperation.   "I want to make sure that the chief understands what my intent is. My intent is for him to cooperate and graduate with Mr. Hodges professionally. And get past anything else that might exist," Lott said.  

The city manager is also calling for the police chief to hold quarterly meetings with the heads of other local law enforcement agencies.

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