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Lightning kills four horses

August 28, 2007

Sumter County -- A Sumter County family lost four of their nine horses during a thunderstorm.

Those horses were killed Monday when lightning hit a tree they were gathered under.

The five remaining horses gathered under the mid-morning sun in a Sumter County pasture Tuesday morning. But yesterday afternoon this sun-lit field was darkened by storm clouds.

"I was in the house and I heard some real bad thunder and lighting. It sounded like it hit something," said Jonathan Scott.

Scott lives across the road from the field where the Danny and Carole Feltman raise their 9 horses. When the lighting struck, he was immediately concerned about the horses.

He said, "I looked over there around the tree, and I could tell that three of them were hurt."

The lightning strike hit a pecan tree, killing the four horses that had gathered underneath it. Carol Feltman remembers her fallen horses, one of which she and her daughter raised from birth.

She said, "We called them our babies. When we bought Sadie, she was born with her chest opened up, and we had healed her. She wouldn't hurt you for anything. When you raise them like that, they're just better horses."

Danny Feltman had the task Tuesday morning of loading up the horses his family loved so much for burial.

He said, "It's a bad situation man. There's nothing we can do about it though."

So it was with great emotion that Danny Feltman placed Roany, Behr, True and Sadie into the back of a truck before they departed to their final resting place. But as in life, it was in death that these four inseparable horses were together as they died underneath the old pecan tree.

"We'll miss them. They were loved," said Carole Feltman.

And while the Feltman's loss will never be forgotten, at least these open fields will always be home to the good memories passed by.

This is the second time this summer that horses have been killed by lighting.

Five horses were killed by deadly lighting in Lee County on June 10th.


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