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Intersection of Newton and Leary, not dangerous

August 28, 2007

Albany-  The Georgia Department of Transportation does not consider the intersection of Newton and Leary Roads to be dangerous.

According to G-DOT's statistics, there have been 30 crashes at the intersection since 2000. Twenty of those crashes were rear end collisions which is considered the driver's error and not a result of road safety issues. None of the crashes were fatal.

In 2002, to better mark the intersection, a blinking light was installed and Leary Road was straightened into Newton. A crash this weekend was caused by a distracted driver who was arguing with the passenger.

"In years past we did not even have a caution light at that intersection. Now it's clearly marked and they've put caution lights there I mean the only way you could make for sure would be to put a signal there, but again this accident we had we had a driver that was distracted so even if there had been a signal there it could have results in the same outcome," said Lt. T.J. Jackson, Dougherty County Police.

Dougherty County Police encourage drivers not to get distracted while they're driving.



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