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Sylvester woman wins a million!

August 28, 2007

Albany-  So far, two people have become millionaires in the lottery's new Millionaire Super Seven scratch off game. Both tickets were sold in Albany.

Two weeks ago, Ulysses Williams bought a scratch off ticket at Speego Gas on Johnson Road. He won a million dollars. Last Thursday, a man by the name of Paul Owens bought one there, he didn't win a million bucks, but he did win a free scratch off ticket, which he gave to his fiance' and they redeemed at the Thrift Food Mart, just down the street from Spego and guess what, she won!

That's right, a million bucks to Robin Gibbs whose finance no doubt scored big for handing her the winning ticket.

"I didn't believe it I just went to shaking, I couldn't talk I couldn't even think about what it was and then when I finally realized and I came in here I was hyperventilating, I couldn't even breathe," said Robin Gibbs.

Gibbs says she's always worried about things in her life, now she won't have to worry anymore. Her plans for the money include buying a house, car, and saving for her six year old daughter's education.



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