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New wheels for Meals on Wheels

August 28, 2007

Albany - Meals on Wheels has a new set of wheels to help provide hot meals to folks in who otherwise may have to go without. Many of the charities vehicles are run down, So DoCo Credit Union donated a Nissan Pathfinder to the program Tuesday.

It was repossessed by the credit Union. Typically, they sell repossessed cars, but when they heard the cry for help by SOWEGA Council on Aging decided to chip in.

President Barry Heape said, "Council on Aging is a wonderful organization that supports the senior citizens in Albany and we found out they had a need for a vehicle for the Meals on Wheels program which we feel strongly about, and we felt like we needed to help them out."

Kay Hind said, "Our poor old vehicles have 150, 170, 200,000 miles and they're beginning to break down. It would cost more to fix them than it would be to replace them, except there's no replacement money, so I'm just delighted."

This is the second vehicle recently donated for the Meals on Wheels program, but more are needed. Meals on Wheels serves people in 14 counties. If you have a car you would like to donate, just call the Council on Aging at 431-3050.



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