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Food Bank May Sack You!

August 27, 2007

Albany--  Don't be alarmed if you wake up to find a strange sign in your front yard. It'll give you the chance to help those in need.

The Southwest Georgia Food Bank just started a creative, new program called "You've Been Sacked by the Food Bank."

A big sign shaped like a sack is placed in unsuspecting people's yards. They then have to pay to have it removed. The program will raise money to feed people in 22 Southwest Georgia counties.

Food Bank Board Member Sam Shugart was first to be sacked.  He now has to pay up.

"It's $35 to actually have the sign removed the first time. It's $50 to have it removed and to designate another yard and it's $100 to do both of those as well as buy the sacked insurance for a year," said Shugart.

Sacked insurance protects you from being sacked again. Shugart says he has a few people in mind who may wake up with a sack in their yard soon.