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It doesn't cost more to live healthy

August 26, 2007

Albany -- Shonda Biggs makes a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that she is also already teaching her one year old son.

"Even in our family there is high blood pressure and diabetes. So I know those foods will just lead to health problems later on when you get older. So I think its best to start when you are young," said Biggs.

The health problems in her family are some of the same ones that are plaguing many in our state. And the almighty dollar may have a lot to do with that.

A bag of apples will cost you about four dollars, or for the same price you can buy three packs of Murray Cookies, or you can get two bags of chips.

But you can still eat healthy for the same price of junk food if you grocery shop smart. "You can buy bunches of grapes and bananas and, that stuff lasts, well at least for us, a few weeks," said Biggs.

People who think going to a drive-thru is faster, may find they can get more done by cooking and multi-tasking. "Its easier because I can season up the chicken or turkey, stick it in the oven and put on the timer. And than I can do stuff with him," said Biggs.

Most monthly memberships to a local gym will cost you less than a dollar a day. But if you can't afford it, there are other options. "You can wake up 30 minutes earlier and walk or you can do it before you go to bed. There are so many things you can do," said Tony's Gym Fitness Consultant, Kaley Shanks.

Overall with a little research and tweaking of your budget, a healthy lifestyle shouldn't cost you any more. The City of Albany also provides places for you to work out for free. Jackson Heights is one place that will cost nothing out of your pocket.


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