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A community celebrated in Sylvester

August 25, 2007

Sylvester -- Conversations, laughter and children having fun can be heard from blocks away. The sounds of a healthy community.

Sounds not many would associate with a housing project. "This is a public housing authority community, and we are dispelling the public housing image in that we have become more of a neighborhood rather than a project," said Executive Director of Sylvester's Housing Authority, Steve Bennett.

This is the third year the Fall Festival was held. An event these Sylvester residents look forward to. "It's very important because if they see us all working together than it will make the kids want to come and participate," said Resident Council President, Marva Newberry.

Meat sizzled on the grill and teens danced as the DJ spun his turn tables. "We had slides, dunking booths, face painting, dance competitions and basketball shoot offs," said Newberry. 

This community gathering helps keep the youth going in the right direction. "I think brining the kids in and doing something positive, keeping them off the street and away from gangs, is very positive for them," said Newberry.

It's events like these that officials say also keeps this complex positive. The event was funded by the Jurisdiction Wide Resident Council and supported by the Sylvester Housing Authority.

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