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Emergency kit helps keep you secure

August 25, 2007

Albany -- This was a wild week of weather for Southwest Georgia.

Severe thunderstorm warnings came at all hours in our area which is why it is important to have an emergency kit handy.

Batteries, flashlights, bottled water, a weather radio and a first aid kit are some of the things that should be included in your kit.

But just like the batteries in your smoke detectors are checked; so should the items in your emergency kit.

"Usually its twice a year, during the time change in the fall and the spring," said Home Depot Assistant Manager, Jason Warren. "Just go into them and check your batteries and radio and your flashlights. Check the expiration date on your canned goods and stuff like that, but you should be good with that."

Its also a good idea to have canned or dried foods stored away in case you are out of electricity for an extended period and your perishables go bad.

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