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Ammo prices on the rise

August 24, 2007

Albany - -  As we approach hunting season, gun lovers will be paying more for ammo. 

Worldwide, there is a shortage of ammunition. Much of it may have to do with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers fire about a billion bullets a year. That's creating a shortage for others who need ammo, including some police departments across the country who are cutting back on gun training as a result.

Local ammo dealers say they're feeling the pinch and the cost will likely be carried on to you.  

"The biggest thing is availability. The price went up 30 percent last year, they're looking at another 37 percent before the end of the year this year. But 223 ammunition, cant get it hardly, especially the cheaper stuff, like the wolf ammunition that everybody likes to shoot to practice with, cant hardly find it," says Bubba Barlow of American Outdoor Adventure.

Barlow says his store has been trying to order as much ammo as possible because wholesale prices are expected to increase by 25 percent in September.


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