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Severe weather radios help keep you informed

August 23, 2007

Albany -- Heat certainly isn't the only dangerous weather we have to worry about in South Georgia. That's why it's a good idea to have a severe weather radio in your home.

WALB meteorologists Yolanda Amadeo and Chris Zelman joined the Albany Radio Club at Harvey's on Sylvester Road.

They helped folks set their weather radios to the proper frequencies. They'll get an early  warning when bad weather is in their area.

"When the electricity goes out, you don't know what's coming," said Harvey's shopper, Sammie Hardwick.

"Well as you saw this morning we had some bad weather come through," said Albany Radio Club member, Leon Perrett. "My weather radio went off and it got me up at about three o'clock this morning. I could tell than when I looked at my radar and I looked at my computer and watched channel 10 and saw what was going on."

Weather radios were also for sale Thursday afternoon at a discounted rate.


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