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Late WG&L bills means lights out for many

August 23, 2007

Albany -- Albany Water Gas and Light customers with overdue bills got a break during the heat wave, but that grace period is ending.

WG&L stopped cutting off utilities on August 6th because the weather was dangerously hot, and they didn't want anyone to be without air conditioning.

Since the temperatures are dipping this week, they plan to start cutting power off Friday for people who are behind on their payments.

"We have about 1,500 people who over this period of time should have gotten their utilities cut off," said WG&L Assistant General Manager, Lorie Farkus. "We are not doing it in any specific order. We are doing it by neighborhoods. So, I don't want people thinking that I should have been cut off two days ago so maybe I won't be cut off until the middle of next week. Their just doing it as they pick up neighborhoods."

Customers have 20 days to pay their monthly utility bills. On the 21st day, they're charged a twenty-five dollar late fee, and their utilities could be cut off.


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