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Stormy Night in South Georgia

August 23, 2007

Albany - Thousands of South Georgians awoke to booming thunder and heavy rain today when surprise thunderstorms moved through the area. Those storms knocked down tree limbs and caused some minor street flooding. It may have slowed your drive to work or stopped you in your tracks altogether.

After waking up a little earlier than planned due to the noisy storm, it took lots of folks along highway 195 in Lee County a little longer to get to work this morning. Trees and limbs had to be cleared from the road to clear the way.

In Albany, a tree that stayed firmly planted through the storm was greeted by an unwelcome guest, as the driver of a car lost control in the heavy rain near third avenue and Baker. Everyone inside was okay, though a bit frustrated.

Flash flooding was a problem in the Rawson Circle area as storm drains backed up with debris like pine straw, leaves, dirt and trash that had been blown into the streets during previous thunderstorms.

"When it rains everything is coming in all at once and it gets stopped up," said Al Watts with public works.  He says crews will work all day clearing out storm drains to make sure water doesn't back up into the streets again. "Before we get rain in," he said, "we do what we call preventative maintenance on the lines so if there's anything that's clogged up before the rain comes, we unclog it so when the rain comes we won't have massive buildup throughout the area."

To keep problem spots trouble free. "Flooding throughout the street in certain areas."

So you can go about your way, even through stormy times.

In Albany, we got more than an inch of rain since midnight. Other areas got more than that.



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