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Sumter Regional sends indestructible message

August 22, 2007

Americus--  Sumter Regional Hospital was destroyed by that March 1st tornado but workers there want everyone to know their spirit can't be destroyed.  

The hospital has distributed about 3,000 t-shirts that read "SRH Indestructible-- Standing Strong With Our Community."

Workers want the world to hear that message so they're asking people to wear the shirts on trips and even take pictures in front of historic landmarks while wearing them.

"We kind of borrowed on the idea from Albany State, their unsinkable them that they used for the flood of 1994. We felt like indestructible would suit us and it's telling everybody that the hospital is more than bricks and mortar, it's about people," said Marcus Johnson with SRH.

Johnson says he rarely goes a day without seeing at least one person wearing an Indestructible t-shirt.

To learn how to purchase one, dial 229-928-4000 or visit

You can also send an email to  Pictures you take wearing the shirts can also be emailed to that address.    



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