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Missing child turns up safe

August 22, 2007

Lee County -- The crew from Hinman Pool and Patio was building a pool on Wiregrass Way, when frantic Troy Alderman from the house next door asked if they had seen a young boy in a diaper.

His 4-year-old son Connor Alderman, who is autistic, had gotten out of the house, and frantic family members were searching for him. "Troy came over and was looking for him. And asked if we had seen him. We went walking to try and find him, to help out," Chad Lawson said. 

The pool construction crew joined about 20 neighbors, firefighters, and Deputies searching for Connor. After about 15 minutes Chad Lawson looked in one of their trucks, and saw a young face.

"We were just walking through the woods, looking for Connor, walked up on the truck, and saw a little boy in there. I thought it was Melissa's son, but she didn't have him, so it was Connor in the truck," Lawson said.

The doors were shut and the windows rolled up in the truck, but Connor was found before the heat became a problem.

"We were lucky we found him as soon as we did," said Lee County Sheriff's Lt. Lewis Harris Jr. "He's fine. Mama's happy, he's fine."

Connor was taken back home by his relieved parents Troy and Carly Alderman, and the searchers went back to work, heroes for the day. "We were just real happy we found him," Lawson said.

Emergency responders said with the extreme heat, Connor could have been in danger in a short period of time, so they're lucky searchers found him so quickly.

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