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Thomas schools go hi-tech at lunchtime

August 22, 2007

Thomasville--    When hundreds of hungry kids are coming towards you, ready for their lunch you want to get it for them. . . as fast as possible!

A new online program is making lunchtime a lot easier for cafeteria managers in Thomas county.  "I love the program, it is wonderful. It gives us more opportunity to do something, it runs the kids through the line faster because we don't have to worry about putting money in their account," says Mary Thomas, manager at Thomas County Middle School's cafeteria.

Instead of getting together the right amount of cash when they get to the front of the line, the students money is already in the computer. 

Here's how it works:  after registering at, all a parent needs to do is choose their child's school from the drop down menu, enter their student ID, and enter the amount of money you want in your students account.  Back at school, "They just punch their number in, we look at them, look at their name, and they keep going. They decide what they want to buy, we punch it in and they go," explains Thomas.

Parents making payments online ensures their child's money goes to the right place , too.  "Sometimes they were bringing their lunch money to school and might forget it, leave it in the lunch-bag or lose it," says Thomas County School system's nutrition director, Karen Green.

The program will even keep you updated on when its time to pay again.  "The program will email the parent when the balance gets to whatever limit the parents set up," explains Green.

"It's so much easier now, I love it," Thomas says.  Now for parents, kids, and cafeteria-ladies a like, lunch-time is a piece of cake.

Thomas County is one of only 6 school systems in Georgia using the Cafeteria Cash system.




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