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How to keep up with all of those recalls!

August 21, 2007

Albany - - It seems hardly a day goes by lately that you don't hear about some major recall. Many of you turn to WALB to find out what items the government is recalling. The government now wants you to have more options so you can be sure you don't buy something dangerous.

Becky Coley feels like we've been bombarded lately.

"There's so many."

So many recalls in such little time. It leaves many of you asking questions.

"How bad is it?" Coley asks.

Everything from pet food to peanut butter has been recalled recently. Just this month, we've heard of recalls on everything from batteries, to toothpaste, to almost 10 million Mattel toys.

One canned food brand is missing off the shelves at Taylor's Grocery Store. They recently had to pull Castleberry's from their shelves and it seems like this is becoming routine at many stores.

We asked shoppers how they hear about these recalls.

"You guys are good enough to get it on out to the public so we'll know," says shopper Janice Hufstetler.

"Television basically. Watching the news," Coley says.

"But if you miss the news?" we asked.

"Then I'll never know," she answered.

Now the government wants you to have another option...the Internet.

This website shows recent recalls for a variety of items - life food, medicine, even cars. If you don't quite understand something there, you can contact different government agencies - all from the website.

It's an added option for some shoppers who just want to keep up with it all.

"I think its very good that we do have safeguards, we do have ways to detect that there is something wrong," Hufstetler says.

So you'll have some extra knowledge before you head to the checkout isle of your favorite grocery store.  

Several government agencies cooperate to keep the website updated... including the FDA, the Department of Agriculture, even the Coast Guard.


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