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Nuisance lawsuit will help clean up property

August 21, 2007

Albany-  Prosecutors will make sure dozens of mobile homes left behind when people moved out of an east Albany trailer park are cleaned up.

Many owners stripped the homes of aluminum siding but abandoned the remaining shells and many of their contents at Georgian Mobile Home Estates.

Property laws prohibit the park owner from disposing of the 62 trailers, so he agreed to let the District Attorney's office file a friendly nuisance lawsuit against him to clean up the property.

"It's just a real health hazard. I think if kids went out there are started playing around they would very easily get hurt. Certainly it's a place where criminal activity could fester and it needs to be cleaned up and the owners want to clean it up," said District Attorney Ken Hodges.

A judge can order the mobile home park's owners to dispose of the trailers, exempting them from lawsuits filed by property owners for their destruction. The owner ordered all the residents to move out of the park by the end of last month.

The area was supposed to be sold to make way for a Wal-Mart, but that deal has not gone through.



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