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Realtors learn self defense

August 21, 2007

Lee County -- Realtors say crime is one of the hazards of their job. Often, when they make appointments to show houses, they're agreeing to meet with strangers.

So Tuesday, some South Georgia real estate agents got together to learn how to protect themselves.

Christy Wright has been a realtor for five years, and admits there have been times she was scared on the job. Wright said "I have, when you go into some of the houses with single men, you know you are just not sure."

 So Wright quickly signed up for self defense lessons primarily for realtors. Security expert Lamar Parker hosted the self defense lessons, because his wife runs a real estate business, and he knows the problems. Parker said "when they go to show a house, they never know the person that they are meeting. A complete stranger, so we try to be prepared for the unexpected."

Instructor Graylon Brunson of Brunson Martial Arts said "there is so much crime going on, against the ladies, that I felt like this is something that would at least give the ladies a fighting chance."

Brunson taught the ladies weak spots on the body to hit , and ways to fight back against attackers. Brunson said "I'm not looking for them to beat them up, just to get away."

Wright picked up the lessons quickly, and gained confidence in herself. Wright said "with all the violence and stuff going on, and the carjackings and home invasions, and stuff, I think all women should take this course."

 Parker said he can't remember a realtor in Albany being targeted by crooks, and he hopes lessons like this will prevent it from happening.

 Parker says he will host more self defense workshops for realtors in the future.


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