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"Fireproof", the next Sherwood hit movie

August 21, 2007

Albany - While lots of firefighters have their own calendars, Albany Firefighters are about to become movie stars, sort of.

Sherwood Baptist Church's new movie, "Fireproof," follows the trials and tribulations of a firefighter in a troubled marriage. As in previous Sherwood movies, his problems are solved through a relationship with Christ.

Albany firefighters are extras in the movie. Fire Chief James Carswell says he's honored that Sherwood chose to work with his firefighters. He said, "We're very excited. We're very proud of our department and we're glad our community is proud of our department. We hope we're putting our best foot forward for the whole world to look at."

Mayor Willie Adams said, "Anytime we can get positive press for Albany, I'm excited about it and I want to thank Reverend Catt and Sherwood Baptist Members for really being forward thinkers."

The script is still being written and shooting may begin as early as October. Fireproof could be released in theaters next fall.

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