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Wildcats band not wild about Civic Center pricing

August 20, 2007

Albany--  Quail Unlimited isn't the only group critical of Civic Center prices.

Last year, the South Georgia Wildcats Marching Band held a fundraiser the Civic Center.

They planned a second show this year then found out the price to rent the venue went up about $5,000.

Band manager Christopher Pike says he understands prices have to go up but he thinks the Civic Center should consider discounts for certain community events.

"I think that should be looked at. When you talk about things that people do to make the city better, those are one of those things and for us to use a government facility to raise funds for organizations that benefit the city, I think that there should be some concessions made," said Pike.

Pike says the band ended up changing venues twice and ended up losing money in the long run.

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