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When will Riverfront construction end?

August 20, 2007

Albany--  It's the price of progress. Downtown Albany's Riverfront Park hasn't been quite as charming or easy to enjoy recently because of ongoing construction.

One project, a $350,000 restroom facility next to the play fountain, is taking a little longer than expected. When will it be finished?

The sight of green grass and trees along the Flint River downtown is now mingled with bright orange construction fencing and black separators along the ground. It's been that way for months.

"It's been a little longer than we'd like," said County Administrator Richard Crowdis.

Heavy equipment remains at Riverfront Park where construction on the Riverfront Restroom Facility started back in January. "The latest change order is July 12th so the project is beyond the date," said Crowdis.

It's beyond the date but contractors say it's ok. "We're progressing as agreed," said Winfred Dukes.

Dukes, Edwards, and Dukes are the contractors for the project. CEO Winfred Dukes says things happen in the construction business. "In the construction industry, there are always extenuating circumstances, things that extend the date beyond the control of the owner, the contractor or the architect," said Dukes.

The main issues left are grading and siding of the facility. Although more than a month late, Dukes assures the county and citizens that it will be a great addition to the park.

"It is worth the wait. It is one of those projects that will be with the citizens and the taxpayers in Dougherty County for their lifetime and for the lifetime of their children," said Dukes. The countdown is now on until completion. Dougherty County Administrator Richard Crowdis expects it to be complete in about 30 days.

"You see a lot of cleanup going on now," said Crowdis.

With the cleanup, the temporary restrooms will vanish.

"It'll open the park back up and you'll be able to see the river and it won't be blocking anyone's view," said Crowdis.

And soon, the view of the Riverfront Park will be back to normal.

Richard Crowdis says the contractor will have to pay a $100 fine for every day from July 12th until the project is finished. Work on the Bridge House renovation and Ray Charles Plaza also continue at the Riverfront.  

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