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Judgeship open... who will run?

August 20, 2007

Albany - Dougherty County's Chief Judge is retiring and Albany's State Senator may run for the judgeship. That would leave Senate Seat 12, held by Michael Meyer von Bremen open. Candidates may soon start lining up for both races.

They're big shoes to fill, but at the end of his current term, Chief Superior Court Judge Loring Gray will retire, so who will fill the spot?

"A number of people have been approaching me over the past few weeks asking me if I would consider running for the position and I just decided to let people know that yes, I will give it serious consideration," said Michael Meyer von Bremen. 

Currently serving his fifth term in the state senate, attorney Michael Meyer von Bremen, says he's more familiar with the laws than some others may be since he had a hands on role in their passing. He said, "Many of those laws, you are aware of how they were passed and what the legislative intent was when those laws were introduced and ultimately passed."

But Meyer von Bremen isn't alone in the quest for Superior Court Judge. Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver says he's had his eyes on the spot for the past four years. He says he's not just considering running for the position. "I'm saying I'm definitely running," said Weaver.

Weaver says his 15 years practicing law, as well as his seven years as a judge have prepared him for the task. "To me, it's the next logical step," he said.  "I love public service. I see superior court as another step in public service." One change he'd like to make as judge, is to bring more alternative sentencing to the court.

And Weaver hopes his friend, and political opponent will reconsider running. "We know each other, I have not talked to Michael directly, but I will talk to him and hopefully he'll decide not to run."

But if he does, he'll need someone to fill his shoes in the senate.  Could Dougherty County Chairman Jeff Sinyard be the man for that job? "If the people that make up that particular senate district in Southwest Georgia wanted me to do this and it becomes apparent that this is the best thing for Southwest Georgia I would consider it," said Sinyard.

Whichever seat they will, or may be running for, all three men have a tough task before them.

When Judge Gray retires, Judge Willie Lockette will become Chief Judge because he has the most year's of service on the Superior Court bench.

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