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Riverquarium Birthday draws quite the crowd

August 19, 2007

Albany -- The sound of children echoed through out the many exhibits today. "My favorite part was when the two women feed the fishes in the water," said Kenovia Terrell.

All of them there to help celebrate another year for the Flint Riverquarium. "Today is the third birthday of the Flint Riverward and is also a big community thank you for everyone who has supported us since we first opened last August in 2004," said Marketing Director, Wendy Bellacomo.

The Riverquarium almost didn't make it past its terrible twos. Financial problems threatened them into shutting down until the city and the community stepped in. This day was for them.

"Recognizing two new partners our city of Albany and Dougherty county who have come on board for helping to support this wonderful community resource. So it's a day for all of Albany and Dougherty county,"CEO, Scott Loehr.

Those who have supported the riverquarium are happy to see another year. " We've been coming since they opened and its one of the few things that brings folks downtown and it gets us out and about in the area. So were glad its here and we're glad its going to stay open," parent, Brad Lockhart.

Administrators wanted to use this birthday to give back and hope that Sunday's turn out continues throughout the rest of the year.

The Flint Riverquarium will be building a new aviary that is expected to open to the public early next year, which they hope will bring more crowds in.