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Darton soccer teams ready to start

August 17, 2007

Albany- Football season may be two weeks away for most schools.

Darton College is ready to kick off their soccer seasons this weekend.

The Darton College women will start the season ranked seventh in the national junior college preseason poll.

Head coach Ken Veilands says this team has the talent to win the national junior college tournament that Darton will host in November.

The worry for Veilands is this year's squad is not as deep as previous Lady Cavalier teams.

Another advantage is that Veilands is no longer wearing two hats with coaching both Darton teams.

That allows him to direct all of his attention to just one team.

Ken Veilands said "There is a lot of stuff that goes on off the field. Talking to the players. Working with them and going over things Being able to go out and scout other teams. I think I can do that now. I have got a little more flexibility. Hopefully, that pays off to make us even better."

The Darton men's soccer team is ready to start the season under first year coach Bart Sasnett.

As with Ken Veilands coaching just the Lady Cavaliers, Sasnett is ready to devote all of his attention in turning the Darton men's program into one of the top in the nation.

The Cavaliers not only have a new coach but also 22 new players.

And the first year coach is working hard to get all of these new faces to play as a team.

Bart Sasnett said "When you bring them into camp, you are trying to build an enviroment to try to unite them. To be a family so they will fight for each other on the field relentlessly. I think this team has definitely shown their unity is there for sure."

The Darton soccer teams will host the College Experience club team Saturday at 5:00 and 7:00pm.

The Cavalier soccer squads open the regular season next weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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