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Little assistance for high utility bills

August 17, 2007

Albany-  Doctors also say the elderly and small children need time in the air conditioning and say if it's a choice between running the A.C. or a large utility bill, worry about the bill later.

Water, Gas, and Light hasn't shut anyone's utilities off for missed payments since last Monday and will continue that policy while the heat wave continues. They remind customers, though, that those bills will be much higher when they eventually come due. While some help is available, there is no free ride.

"It's really not a free pass because while you're not paying that bill that you have in your hand, the new bill is either in the mail or you've also gotten it or its going to come shortly and very quickly those bills can escalate so its not a free ride," said Lorie Farkas, WG&L Assistant General Manager.

If your bill is more than $250, you can get an extension if you're willing to pay 75 percent of the bill. Water, Gas, and Light will offer extensions for other reasons, but says that many of the typical agencies that get money from the state to assist with high summer bills didn't get that assistance this year.



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