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All boys school opens in Thomasville

August 17, 2007

Thomasville--After attending public school, this small schoolhouse is new setting for 11-year-old Kenneth Hayes.  "Its a lot different because we don't have a lot of girls in the class," he says.

In fact there are no girls at Favor Boys Academy. A rare site these days, but at least for Kenneth, it seems to be working.  "Girls kind of distract people some times," Hayes says.  His teacher, Corey King explains, "The idea behind the school is not to so much isolate our guys but set them aside to get one-on-one attention, without distractions from girls or other outside stimuli."

King says with just 11 boys in the whole school, it changes the whole classroom dynamic.  "It really opens them up,  they can ask me questions and they're not afraid or embarrassed to ask questions," he says.  Hayes adds, "In here you have a lot more time for your teacher to get to you, and at public school its a lot of kids so they can't get to you right away."

The professional-looking attire is another throwback.  "These uniforms are like business suits. And everyday you're going to do business, and handle your business. And to speak well and to present the best you that you can," says King.

The boys enjoy the family-like atmosphere.  But don't be fooled; there's no messing around in here.  "They're already getting us ready for college and just like in college, if you don't turn in your homework you get an F," says Hayes. 

"We're trying to instill in them early on, what do you want to do, where do you want to be in school," King explains.  And after just the first week, that mentality is clearly working.

"When I get out of school I want to go to Texas Longhorns, and I want to get my masters in lawyer and I want to get my business degree, and I want to try to keep kids off the streets," says Hayes.  Grown up dreams from ones who, well, aren't even grown-ups themselves yet.

The small group of 10 to 12 year-olds at Favor Boys Academy are the school's inaugural class. They say if things go well, they plan to increase their enrollment next year.




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