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Better safe than sorry with renter's insurance

August 16, 2007

Albany -- In order to get a mortgage, you have to have homeowner's insurance. But many renter's don't get policies.

With hurricane season picking up, it's a good time for renter's to consider changing that. Renters insurance protects all the contents in your apartment including appliances.

The insurance covers pretty much everything other than flooding  including damages from wind, lightning strikes, vandalism, fire and theft. The insurance even covers your costly accidents.

"If they have a grease fire and or leave the iron on and it causes the fire; the landlord has the right to come back to them for the cost of the damages," said State Farm agent, Tim Thomas. "Under your renters insurance, your liability will step in and cover anything that you could be held legally liable for."

The average rate for renter's insurance is fourteen to twenty dollars a month for about twenty thousand dollars worth of coverage.


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