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Save a Life

August 16, 2007

Albany - It's just one major car wreck away from catastrophe. That's what area doctors and blood bank managers are saying about the current supply of donated blood.

A normal supply would have an inventory that would last four to seven days. Right now, blood levels are at critical lows. There's less than a days supply of O negative, which is universal and less than a third of a days supply for O positive, which can be taken by about 85% of all people.

Dr. Doug Patten said, "We are at a real crucial time. It's not unusual for us to get in a crunch with blood shortages during the summer, but it's rare for it to get this low. One significant event, could cause those supplies to evaporate."

Right now, hospitals in the blood centers region, are only receiving about one unit out of ever four they request. The American Red Cross desperately needs donors. You can go by the donor center in Albany on Dawson Road, attend one of the many blood drives scheduled, or even call and schedule a blood drive for your office.  


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