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Reed Bingham battles weed woes

August 16, 2007

Adel - As the summer heats up, the lake at Reed Bingham State Park is one of South Georgia's most popular destinations.

But recently, there are no boats in sight.  "Right now we've got some signs up that we had to make advising people that the water is low and the weeds are thick," says Park Manager Chet Powell.

The hydrilla and water hyacinth weeds are so thick they're starting to affect areas outside of the park.  "The little river flows into the Withlacoochee which flows into the Suwanee so its caused problems in three different rivers in two states."

So Thursday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection flew in and will now team up with the rangers at Reed Bingham to whack the weeds.  "It's promising. I think we can fairly easily get a handle on it and prevent the problem," says Matt Phillips, a Biological Scientist from Florida.

Powell agrees.  "If we do this the right way, then we can get it under control so for the next several years we can control it earlier in the year and keep it from going crazy like it is now."

They say Thursday's meeting was just the first step. They've now seen how bad the problem is and will now come up with a plan they hope will rid them of their weed woes.

If left untreated, the weeds could completely take over a body of water and prevent any type of recreational activity.


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