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Adams makes re-election bid official

August 16, 2007

Albany -- Albany Mayor Willie Adams will seek reelection, and made the announcement Friday.

Adams says during his first term he helped improve the city's finances and develop a five-year strategic plan, which he hopes to help put into place.

The past three and a half years are ones Mayor Willie Adams says he'll never forget. "Those years have been the most rewarding years of my lifetime. I have not regretted one moment," he says.

So it was no surprise to hear that he wants to continue serving as Mayor of Albany. "I plan to seek reelection in the upcoming Mayoral race." he told a crowd of supporters, who cheered the announcement.

Adams says during his term, the commission balanced four budgets, improved the bond rating, increased the reserve funds from almost nothing to more than $10 Million and developed a five year strategic plan.

"Albany is a city on the move," Adams said. "You have to have a road map in order to tell where you're going, so now we have some direction as to where we want to go."

And he wants to be the one leading the way. But he's got some competition. Ward 4 Commissioner Bo Dorough also announced he's running for mayor, and Roger Marietta has announced he's running for Dorough's seat.

"I certainly think everybody has a right, that's the American way. They have the right to run for office and that's what makes America so exciting," said Ward 6 commissioner Tommie Postell. He says the past few years have been exciting for him, serving along Adams, and he hopes to continue serving with his friend. "As of now, I am highly in favor of seeking the office again."

Ward 1 Commissioner Jon Howard hasn't made an announcement, but is also likely to run for re-election to the commission. "We want to support him because he has the city at heart," said one supporter.

With support from family and friends, Adams thinks he can make a go of leading the commission once again.

"if it's not broke, don't try to fix it. Let's keep it. Let's reelect Mayor Willie Adams," said Pastor Victor Powell of Rhema Word International Ministries.

"I'm proud to be part of the team, and I'm offering to continue to serve," said the mayor.

If, of course, those people he serves offer him the job once again.

Another potential challenger for Mayor Adams is Carol Fullerton, director of the Lily Pad, a new rape trauma and child abuse center in Albany.

She also serves as a commissioner on the Water, Gas & Light board and previously served on the city commission. Fullerton says she is considering a mayoral run.


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