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Heat makes construction crews work harder

August 15, 2007

Turner County - - The extreme heat is forcing construction workers to add an unusual ingredient to their concrete. 

We found workers shoveling ice into the concrete they use to build a median wall on Interstate 75.

The concrete is simply too hot to handle. The weather is so hot, the concrete is drying twice as fast as usual. So workers try to cool it down.  

"We have to keep the temperature of our concrete at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for the consistency of the concrete and to be able to pour it so it sets right and we end up with the best end product that we can ask for," says Craig Solomon with the Department of Transportation.

If the concrete is too hot when the crews receive it, DOT workers say they'll send it back. Once they pour the concrete, they only have 10 to 15 minutes to work with it before it's set, so they hose it down.

On top of controlling the concrete, DOT workers have to make sure their crews stay safe in the extreme heat.

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