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Stolen furniture recovered

August 15, 2007

Dougherty County -- A Moultrie man is arrested for stealing ten thousand dollars worth of furniture from a Dougherty County mobile home sales lot earlier this summer.

Business owners say break-ins and thefts at mobile home lots in East Albany have been a big problem, and they hope this arrest will slow them down.

Three homes at Wayne Frier Home Center on Sylvester Road were broken into in June. Burglars made off with appliances, furniture, even pictures on the walls and shades on the windows.

This week Moultrie Police arrested 27 year old Craig Vail, saying he hauled off ten thousand dollars worth of furniture. Sales Manager Regina Daniels said "they traced it down that they rented the biggest U-Haul truck they had, drove the U-Haul up here through this back lot, through this church yard. Waited till we closed, then got busy."

Sales manager Regina Daniels says WALB News Ten's story about the theft helped Police track down the stolen goods, and recover about 95 percent of the furniture. Daniels said "by ya'll running that story, it really helped out. Because a lot of people said they seen it was on the news."

Daniels said Police got a tip some of the furniture was being sold at a Tallahassee Florida flea market. Moultrie and Dougherty County Police Investigators traced most of the furniture to Moultrie, where Vail had furnished two homes. Daniels said "all the furniture set up in the house, so they recovered all that."

Police say the sales tags were even still on several of the items in the homes they raided. Daniels says crime has been a problem at many of the mobile home sales lots in East Albany. Wayne Frier has put up more security fences around their lot since the theft, and are watching their business more closely when closed.

They hope Vail's arrest will send a message to criminals. Daniel's said "hopefully the rest of the thieves will see, they can't get away. Sooner or later they will be caught."

The stolen furniture was turned back over to the store the dealership bought it from, and replaced with new.

Vail is charged with theft by receiving by Moultrie Police. Dougherty County Police will charge him with burglary.


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