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Despite high temps, water restrictions remain at level 2

August 15, 2007

Albany-  Drought conditions and an ongoing heat wave have more Georgia communities considering water bans.

In downtown Albany Wednesday temperatures again broke the 100 degree mark. Water, Gas, and Light representatives say the record high temperatures have leaders in some Georgia communities considering a complete watering ban, but that is not the case in Albany. Still, you need to remember that we remain under level two watering restrictions.

"You had to be as tough as the state, but as your each individual area had more of a drought you could make it tougher. So, we're fortunate in Albany we've have had little spattering's of rain and some pretty heavy, just not enough, but we in Albany are not looking at making our level any higher than a level two," said Lorie Farkas, WG&L Assistant General Manager.

As a reminder, the level two restrictions allow homes with even addresses to water only on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Odd addresses can water Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Watering is only allowed from midnight to 10:00 a.m., and no one can water on Fridays. Vegetable gardens and businesses that rely on water are exempt from the restrictions.



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